Levis have created three iconic models of denim jackets, with the Type III jacket, introduced in 1962, becoming the most famous and probably the most replicated jacket of all time.

This series of jackets started with the 506XX, AKA The Type I. Released in 1905, it was quite short and boxy, had a single breast pocket mid-body on the left hand side of the jacket, front pleats and a cinch back. In 1953 the 506XX was replaced by the 507XX, AKA The Type II. This differed from the Type I by losing the cinch-back, adding a pocket on the right hand side and being made slightly longer in the body. It was produced until 1962.

(Top Left, CW) Elvis, Daniel Craig, Judd Nelson in 'The Breakfast Club' and John Lennon

The new design of the Type III, the 557XX, removed the pleats from the I and II and added two V seams to the front which added a visual symmetry to the new slimmer fit, while the two front pockets moved up to the chest position. Western style pocket flaps were added, instead of the more traditional boxy flaps found on the Types I and II. Side pockets were later added to some versions of the jacket in the 1980s, and it was also around this time that the term ‘trucker’ was coined. It became an instant style icon - worn by everyone from hippies in the 60s to punks in the 70s, from the man on the street to the rich and famous. The Type III is as well-loved as ever today, by men and women alike.

Iron Heart produces a range of classic denim jacket styles, and our Type III interpretation is far and away the most popular. Available in many different materials, various weights and colours of denim, canvas, corduroy, suede and even horsehide. Many of our Type III’s make a nod to “Trucker” jackets which incorporate a slightly longer than usual body with side “hand warmer” pockets and, as an added bonus, the way we create the hand warmers adds spacious internal pockets. For a sleeker look, we also offer some Type IIIs that are true to the original and do not include hand warmer pockets.

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