• The decision on which used garments we will accept for PROJECT RE:LOVE is entirely at our discretion (please note we are not interested in adding carbon footprint to clothing which is so damaged that it is only good for fabric recycling or trashing - it would be simpler for you to do this yourself, locally). If any garment is refused our decision is final and we will not enter into any further correspondence on the matter.

  • We will cover return shipping costs on accepted PROJECT RE:LOVE garments and will send full instructions on how to process the shipment. If failure to follow shipping instructions results in Iron Heart International paying duty/associated charges, we reserve the right to deduct some or all of these additional costs from the discount due.

  • Once garment(s) are received, we will calculate discount based on actual price paid to Iron Heart International. If item(s) not originally purchased from Iron Heart International we will calculate a fair discount based on our sales price of the item. We reserve the right to request proof of purchase/invoice for any items not originally purchased via Iron Heart International's website.

  • If multiple garments are returned FOR PROJECT RE:LOVE we will generally combine discounts, but we reserve the right to issue separate discount codes for each item, which cannot be combined with other discounts.

  • Any items sent to us for PROJECT RE:LOVE become the property of Iron Heart International and are non-returnable.

  • We reserve the right to process garments sent to us for PROJECT RE:LOVE in any way we think fit, via the methods outlined on our website. Depending on garment condition, we may re-purpose, display, give away, re-sell or dispose of at our discretion.
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